Kake (nou) wrote in rglondon,

New feature — featured article.

From now on, we'll be featuring one of our articles on the front page every week. This is similar to Wikipedia's featured article, but with the important difference that it'll most likely be chosen unilaterally by me. I might let the rest of you have some input too :)

I'll be putting up a new featured article every weekend; if it's not there by Monday then prod me. Or if you are rjw1 or billyabbott or uon or julietk, then feel free to choose and add one yourself. You will have to get me or Bob to tweak the stylesheet though, unless the photo is exactly the same width as the previous week's.

Criteria for being a featured article:

  • Must have a photo, and one suitable for going on the front page.
  • Must have a reasonably comprehensive writeup.
  • Must have been visited within the last four months.
  • Must be known for definite to still exist at the time of being featured.
Tags: featured article, front page, news
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