Kake (nou) wrote in rglondon,

New featured article — East London Line.

This week's featured article is Category East London Line. The ELL closed yesterday for at least two and a half years, meaning that those of us who live in Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, New Cross, etc, face a rather longer trek to get north of the river now. NB — The Isle of Dogs does not count as north of the river. No, really, it doesn't.

I was hoping to have four Flickr photosets of platform artwork to show you all, but I haven't finished sorting out Shadwell and Wapping yet. There's still interesting stuff to look at though.

East London Line
East London Line pub crawl

Whitechapel station, by me
Rotherhithe station, by me
ELL pub crawl, by me
ELL pub crawl, by hoshuteki
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